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Injury Reporting & Management
Safety Man

Injury Reporting & Management

Incident Case Management & Workers Comp Services

Do you send everybody to the ER or clinic? If so, your workers comp cost are likely higher than they should. ESSG can help you set up your Injury Case Management, to keep your costs in check.



Days Away, Restricted or Transferred (DART) is a safety metric which helps employers determine the number of workplace injuries and illnesses which require employees to be away from work, perform modified working duties or transfer to another job within a calendar year. ESSG is able to assist employers in reducing their DART rating.




ESSG will help you set up the following programs:


  • Return to Work

  • Medication Reviews

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations




ESSG helps you set up and manage employees, who are out on extended absence due to personal health matters, and get them to return to the workplace more quicker.


ESSG can also help you set up:


Injury Reporting & Management
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