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Smart SDS Management

Manage your SDS and Chemical Inventory

ESSG (EHS consulting firm established in 1993) developed a Chemical Inventory Analysis (CIA) to analyze our client’s chemical products to determine their regulatory compliance needs. 

MSDS Guru, now SDS Guru, was developed to assist companies with managing their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

ESSG strives to be your best SDS/chemical management resource at the most affordable price. Our “Everything you need and nothing you don’t” approach allows you to get exactly what you need without paying for the fluff.

With your own secure company online portal, you can manage a corporate enterprise or single facility and everything in-between. We don’t just give you access to a large database and turn you loose. We constantly source and update SDS Revisions for you.

ESSG uses SDS Guru through our MSDS Online Management Service - the most efficient way to manage your SDS.

SDS Guru and CIA Guru provide MSDS and Chemical Inventory Analysis to ensure that a single or multi-facility company is HazCom and EPA compliant.

It is fast and simple to use. Setting up is immediate and before you know it, you'll have virtually everything you need to be compliant to the Global Harmonized System (GHS) Standard plus so much more.

With ESSG's SDS Guru Online (M)SDS Management System you get to enjoy:

  • - Anytime/anywhere access

  • - GHS Compliance

Only unique (M)SDS are included in your total Companywide (Example: WD-40 at all your locations will only count as "1" unique).

ESSG works behind the scenes to help you keep your inventory current. We source your specific MSDS by contacting the chemical manufacturer to upload the most recent MSDS available for your product. ESSG also automatically updates your MSDS when a newer revision is discovered along with so much more.

SDS Guru

SDS Guru


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