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Easier. Faster. Better.

Enterprise level Safety Management Software.

Online Safety Management Software:


  • Collect Forms


  • Ensure Compliance


  • Custom Automations


  • Discover Insights

 Top 10 Features

  1. Build custom forms like Toolbox Talks, Inspections, Incidents, JSA, Hazard Assessments, OSHA 300, etc.

  2. Assign Corrective Actions

  3. Add photos, comments, and annotations

  4. Capture digital signatures with Date/Time/GPS Stamp

  5. Distribute safety documents like Company Policies, Safety Manuals, SDS, Safe Work Practices etc.

  6. Track worker certifications and training

  7. Monitor compliance in real-time

  8. Chat directly with workers

  9. Automatically Email Forms

  10. Build Analytics and Reports on ANY data point


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