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SiteDocs Workflow Studio

With the new SiteDocs Workflow Studio you will be able to build custom automations to fit your company’s unique safety needs. Seamlessly connect your safety data to over 1,350+ software platforms, automate recurring tasks and notifications, get real-time visibility into what is occurring on the job site, and more. It’s a brand new day for safety managers.

Customized Workflows & Processes

Customized Workflows & Processes

SiteDocs Workflow Studio gives you the ability to customize how you set up safety workflows and processes across your entire company. Using the easy drag-and-drop builder you can create multiple paths and variations based on filter logic.


Automate Recurring Tasks

Make your job easier, faster, and better. Automating your recurring tasks will help you reduce the amount of paperwork and administrative drag that can bog you down from getting the crucial aspects of your job done everyday.


  • Schedule weekly toolbox talks

  • Send Forms to get signature approval from management

  • Send new worker orientation documentation

  • Send completed site inspection PDF to subcontractors

  • And more…

Automate Recurring Tasks

Automate Reminders & Notifications

With Workflow Studio you’ll be able to set up helpful reminders to make sure workers follow safety processes, as well as configure custom alerts to let you know of situations or missing documents that need your immediate attention.


  • Remind worker when a Form wasn’t completed

  • Notify you within 30 days of a Certification expiration

  • When a near miss occurs send SMS to you, site supervisor, and the CEO

  • Email KPI Dashboards to all business unit leaders every Monday morning

  • And more…

Automate Reminders & Notifications

Seamlessly Share Data Across Platforms

Maximize the value of your software tools by having them work together seamlessly. Connect with over 1,350+ apps that have a public API like Google, Microsoft Suite, ProCore, project management tools, file storage, finance, HR, LMS platforms, and more!

  • Connect with over 1,350+ apps that have a public API

  • Use integrations as part of your custom workflows and team notifications

Seamlessly Share Data Across Platforms
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Fully Customize Your Workflow & Safety Processes

Ensure your critical safety processes are being completed accurately, and on time, across all of your worksites with the new SiteDocs Workflow Studio. Book a meeting with our safety expert to find out more about SiteDocs Workflow Studio.

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All Your Safety Compliance Needs Right At Your Fingertips

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