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Workplace Safety Interviews - Covid-19

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

We interviewed employees from multiple industries to find out what their workplaces are doing to maintain safety and wellness during Covid-19. The results were varied. Some workplaces are very prepared, while others rely on previous safety training from previous jobs. These interviews will be presented as a series over the next several days. Please comment and share so that this crucial (and potentially life-saving) discussion spreads rapidly during these challenging times. By sharing professional experiences and engaging in important training like Safety U, we can all work together for the best outcomes.

Sean, Production Manager - Medical Manufacturing Facility

1 - Has your workplace done any Covid-19 specific training?

"The answer to the first one is yes. We are taking serious measures. We manufacture medical supplies/devices and we need to stay open.

We have and are on a continual basis training during this covid-19 pandemic. As a facility that manufactures medical devices we are taking serious precautions but our training has been during all employee meetings and as part of passdown meetings."

2 - If so, what was it like?

"The training mostly consists of our EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) manager doing talks about keeping our social distance of 6 feet. Also reminding us to remind our people in the shop floor to wipe down all often used surfaces at least every 2 hours. It mostly lands on management and leaders shoulders to remind/ make sure that shop employees are keeping their distance."

3 - Would you like more training?

"I believe a fair amount of our staff take this virus very seriously and would love to have more information on the subject but another fair amount do not take it serious at all and those are the folks we have to constantly remind to keep their distance. I personally would like more information.

Obviously this facility and all of its employees are essential. In their case, a program like Safety U is very helpful to keep production going and demand met while keeping safety and training requirements in place." Safety U offers expertly researched and modern content in an all-online format. This safety training is specifically designed to provide efficient and thorough Environmental Health and Safety information to any size work force in multiple industries. Contact Us for your free estimate. We are committed to helping every workplace we can to hold down their costs on training right now. Let’s get the right setup for your workplace and keep everyone safe!

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