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Is your Environment, Health, and Safety Workload Out of this World?

Bring it back to earth in 3 easy steps:

1. Select the plan to fit your needs and budget.

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ESSG will conduct an EHS Report Card, Risk Assessment, and GAP Action Plan for your facility.


Together we develop your EHS Roadmap.

Your customized EHS Roadmap includes a bundle of services and/or apps representing a number of solutions below:

Risk Assessment.png

Risk Assessment

An ESSG consultant will create a risk assessment to help you rate, prioritize, and create a corrective action timeline.

Gap Action Plan.png

EHS GAP Action Plan

An ESSG consultant will meet with you and develop your EHS GAP Action Plan complete with priority levels, corrective action timelines, who's responsible, current statuses, etc.

EHS Roadmap.png

EHS Roadmap

Along with your input, an ESSG consultant will develop a Customized EHS Roadmap and will prioritize what ESSG solutions fit within your monthly budget.



An ESSG consultant will review and/or modify your GAP Action and Roadmap with you as they progress.


Priority Support

Receive priority support for all solutions and apps within your EHS Roadmap.


Discount on Add-Ons

Want more than what a plan provides? ESSG will develop a custom budget to satisfy all of your EHS wants/needs and you receive the percentage discount listed for any solutions that you want added to your base plan.



No payment is due at sign-up. ESSG will invoice you based on the plan that you selected.


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% pleased with your plan, you'll have 30-days to cancel and receive a 100% refund… no questions asked.

Report Card.png

EHS Report Card

You will receive an Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Report Card assessed and reviewed by an EHS professional.


Select your plan

Schedule Appointment

Repeat this process and watch your grade shoot up.

Select Plan.png
Schedule Apointment.png
EHS Review.png

If included in your plan, we review/modify your GAP Action and Roadmap with you as they progress.

Meet with consultant.png

Meet with Consultant
Your ESSG consultant will step you through our proprietary EHS app.

EHS Report Card.png

Report Card
Our app will instantly generate your detailed report card. Your ESSG consultant will review your results with you.


All previous steps help build your custom roadmap and prioritize the items to attack based on your budget.

Action Plan.png

GAP Action Plan
Your consultant will step you through your GAP Action Plan.

EHS Risk Assessment.png

Risk Assessment
The app will build your risk assessment to rate, prioritize, and create your corrective action timeline.


ESSG's Scorecard app will produce a progressive spreadsheet that we work through together. See examples below.

Report Card
See the dashboard of your scores and grades by section.

ESSG EHS Report Card.jpg
ESSG EHS GAP Analysis.jpg

GAP Analysis
Answer the questions for each GAP.

Risk Assessment
Rate the severity of Consequences and Likelihood for each required item, based on the matrix.

ESSG EHS Risk Assessment.jpg
ESSG EHS Roadmap.jpg

Items are sorted by Priority Level so you can easily plan your costs (internal & external) to execute your plan.

Risk Assessmen
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