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Tier II Reporting

Tier II Reporting

We file for you

Do you need help filing your SARA Tier II reports? ESSG can do it for you.

ESSG will prepare and file all required Federal, State, and Local reports in the proper forms mandated by SARA Title III, sec. 301-312. This portion of the service includes:

  1. Your State and Local chemical inventory list; and/or

  2. Tier II Reports.


All reports are submitted to the authorized representative of your facility for approval. The reports are then submitted to your State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) and Local Fire Department (in requiring states). These reports are then submitted electronically in states that are equipped to accept electronic submission. For agencies not equipped for electronic submission, ESSG will prepare the reports in hardcopy form and send you the reports along with pre-addressed Certified Mail envelopes, with your return address, so that all you are required to do is approve, sign and mail to the proper agencies.

Tier II Reporting
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