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SARA Tier II Chemical Screen

SARA Tier II Chemical Screen

Screen for SARA Tier II the correct way

How do I know what to file my annual Tier II report? To do this accurately can be difficult manually because of the hundreds of EPA listed Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS) chemicals that may need to be found within your products and aggregated before comparing to the thresholds for that substance. You also need to file a Tier II for any hazardous substance that exceeds 10,000 pounds present any day at your location.

ESSG has provided chemical inventory screening services that has helped our clients cut through the red tape of regulated chemicals to find out what regulations affects them since 1993.


ESSG has developed a way to effectively track your chemical inventory that can not only allow you to have "Peace of Mind" when thinking about your chemical compliance but also improve your bottom line.


This service is designed to virtually eliminate the amount of time you would spend studying the numerous regulation as well as searching, cross-referencing and indexing your chemical inventory against the hundreds of SARA Title III regulated chemicals and thresholds.


This simple and painless service provides you with vital, "site specific", information on how your facility(s) stand up against the SARA Tier II regulatory requirements. After this service is complete, it will be clear what SARA Tier II your facility(s) need to be concerned with or (better yet) have the defensible documentation to show that you do not need to file. The SARA Tier II Chemical Screening service is:


  • ​Fast - The entire process can be completed in as little as 5 business days.

  • Simple - Initially you simply provide to us copies of your (M)SDS that represents your current chemical product inventory.


  • Professional - Our staff of trained professionals enter key information from your (M)SDS into our proprietary system.


  • Systematic - We send you back a form requesting product inventory information on each chemical product to show quantities, container types, areas stored and area used along with some additional general site information required for reporting.


  • Logical - After the information is received back from you and entered into your file, ESSG's proprietary chemical screening software matches your inventory against the hundreds SARA Title III chemicals.


You’ll receive the following reports complete with detailed information showing your Tier II chemicals and which ones need to be filed:


  • Total Chemical Inventory

  • Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS) Chemicals

  • 10,000 lb. Chemicals

SARA Tier II Chemical Screen
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