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Insurance Inspection & Renewal Support
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Insurance Inspection & Renewal Support

Keep your Workers’ Comp Insurance Premium from Going Up

Does your workers’ comp insurance premium keep increasing? At renewal, will it increase again this year?

Why does your premium seem to increase every year?


Insurance premiums will likely increase year after year if your payroll increases as you add employees. This is an obvious as well as normally a good reason for an increase in your workers’ comp insurance premium.


Other reasons however:

  • You had an increase in the number of work-related injuries.

  • You had an employee with a serious injury at work and had surgery or is away from work for a long period of time or needs to have a significant amount of therapy. This will cause your insurance company to maintain a significant amount of reserves, money held to pay for the future surgery, future medical treatment, future wages, etc.


ESSG will help you to implement a plan to reduce the amount of increase to the minimum or the lowest possible increase for the company.

Insurance Inspection & Renewal Support
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