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Since 1993 Environmental & Safety Support Group (ESSG) has specialized in helping companies find their perfect mix of “Apps” (Online Software/Mobile Tools) and “Gigs” (Real-Live Human Powered Services) to make their environmental, health & safety (EHS) programs "pop" (work great together). Our methods can help identify your company's gaps and develop an action plan to help reach your unique EHS goals.

Environmental, Health and Safety Solutions (Apps & Gigs)

Get the occupational safety, health and environmental online apps and gigs for EHS audits,

EHS Software (i.e. SDS management software, online training / LMS), safety consultant, environmental consultant, permitting, reporting and much more.

How ESSG Works






We meet you where you are.

Find and build your perfect mix of Apps/Gigs.

We help you implement your plan.

Together we've got this.

Fill in the gaps or partner.

Environmental, Health and Safety Solutions (Apps & Gigs) so you can reach your goals.

Why You Need ESSG
Environmental, Health and Safety Solutions (Apps & Gigs) Fit to You

We get to know our clients. We take the time to understand your business and what environmental, health and safety solutions (Apps & Gigs) are best for your unique situation. We can even build your program from the ground up. We meet you where you are, assess your needs and help you take your EHS program as far as you desire to go. Partner with an EHS solution provider with the versatility to arm you with everything from EHS SaaS, Mobil Apps, and Industry Pro's to help you manage your entire program. We treat you like our most important client... because you are!

Let's see if we are the right fit for you and your vision for your business.
ESSG is simple.


“We didn’t have the resources and the know how to make sure we were doing everything appropriately. They take care of everything for us.  It’s really a hands off affair for us... ESSG is a good fit for our company... It makes me sleep better at night to know that I don’t have to worry about anything. It is money well spent because it’s cheaper than hiring a full time person who specializes in this."

Kyle Frans / CFO / CASS Polymers, Oklahoma City, OK

ESSG client since 1998 

“It was a no brainer when they told me how much it would be to get started. It was ridiculously cheap compared to the time and effort that I had to put into this activity, and the trouble that our employees and supervisors had to go through to access the information."

Frank Schmidlkofer / Safety Manager / Wolverine Tube, Decatur, AL

ESSG client since 2002 

“We've been amazingly pleased with everything ESSG is doing for us. Their people have continually handled every challenge that we have given them. They've jumped through hoops and bent over backwards for us so we certainly appreciate the partnership that we have with them. "

Safety Director / Major Entertainment Property / Las Vegas, NV

ESSG client since 2012


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