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Our customizable, logical, cost effective and efficient solutions, powered by our experience, provides you the continuity you need in your S&E programs allowing you to relax... Together, we've got this!


We take the double work out of our solutions. Since we know the regulations and how many build upon themselves, we design our solutions with a logical flow.

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ESSG is E&S online/onsite solutions, simplified. We're knowledgeable, professional and comprehensive.



Pick a standard plan based on your industry or customize the EHS plan to fit your exact needs.


We've been eating, sleeping, and drinking this stuff since 1993. Call us crazy but our knowledgeable experts love even the mundane parts of EHS and are arguably the best in the industry. 

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ESSG is your EHS back office. Lower your management costs, reduce your liability and increase your profitability. Have us fill in your gaps or manage your entire program.


We are efficient with our process, therefore, you are more efficient.


Keep stability and consitency in you EHS program when managers come and go.


We got this! You do your thing and we'll do ours.


Get back to making money.

ESSG eats and sleeps EHS.

We'll prove it.

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