Industrial Hygiene


Industrial Hygiene Solutions Include:

Industrial Hygiene

Experienced and qualified Certified Industrial Hygiene (CIH) and Industrial Hygiene (IH) consultants that are well versed in proactively recognizing, evaluating and controlling potential hazards within an industrial environment.


Services include:

  • Develop procedures, programs, and/or policies on occupational health, safety and environmental matters.

  • Provide hazardous waste and emergency response guidance.

  • Provide expert testimony and compliance guidance with OSHA and EPA matters.

  • Recommend, design and implement engineering controls for reducing work place exposures.

  • Conduct air monitoring studies and/or industrial hygiene surveys as necessary to meet project and OSHA requirements.

  • Perform site investigations and sampling into indoor air quality issues including: mold, bacteria, odors, and various other agents of potential concern.

  • Perform health and safety oversight during emergency scenarios such as floods, fires, and sewage invasions. Provide risk assessments during emergencies to determine suitability for occupancy.

  • Conduct occupational and environmental noise evaluations. Prepare comprehensive reports listing noise abatement engineering solutions.

  • Conduct quantitative fit testing for respiratory protection device.

  • Conduct asbestos inspections; develop projects designs and provide oversight during abatement.

Indoor Air Quality

Inspect your indoor air quality.  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) contaminants can include anything from mold, bacteria, and other allergens to concentrated levels of chemical fumes or other airborne impurities.


Services include: ​

  • Comprehensive Sampling/Inspection of Commercial & Industrial Sites

  • Source/Origin Diagnosis

  • 3rd Party Evaluations

Fume Hood Testing

Fume hood performance testing consulting services for schools, manufacturing facilities, and a variety of other industries.  The testing of laboratory hoods is performed in accordance with the ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers) Standard 110-1995 to verify that the hood is performing with the appropriate velocity with the sash at different levels.

Fume Hood Testing services include:

  • Direct reading quantitative velocity measurements

  • Smoke tube testing

  • Technical report documenting our findings

Odor Testing & Analysis

Finding and identifying problematic odors.  Then use a variety of direct reading instruments and testing methods to determine if the certain contaminants are present.  Analysis can be provided to show the levels of contaminants in the part per billion range and below odor thresholds.


Problematic odors that can be an indication of:

  • Hidden contamination

  • Off-gassing from fabrics, carpets, urea insulation

  • Bacteria/Mold/Mycotoxins

  • Presence of insects/dander/miscellaneous proteins

  • Industrial processes

  • Sewer gas

  • Meth Labs from nearby properties

  • Stored chemicals

  • Unknown


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