Our training saturates the senses! Content is flash-based and narrated with built-in interactive exercises. Extensive education research has shown that up to 80% more information is retained when it is heard, seen, and interacted with.

Although our classes are self-paced and time varies according to competency and a learning curve, most classes can be completed in about 30 minutes.

Stay organized. Our web format allows note taking just like in a classroom. As well, students can clearly outline objectives just as if they were presented on a university course syllabus.

Never feel lost. Students are always given the option to email administrators with questions. Glossary terms that students may not be familiar with are always hot linked and defined throughout training. Plentifiul, relevant citations are consistently provided so that more information regarding a particular subject may be more thoroughly examined.

Our training courses can be paused and restarted at any time. This means students can return to a course at any time and at any place they may have left off. This kind of training is especially good for productivity since training can capitalize on downtime. For instance, say some obstacle such as a maintenance problem prevents an employee from completing a task. This employee may use such downtime to catch up on training and can leave training as soon as downtime is over.

If administrators so choose, employees can test out of courses if they can prove competency. On the other hand, administrators are also free to make sure that all employees take all classes.

Content is never static. Administrators are always free to integrate additional site-specific documents, diagrams, or pictures. For instance, a diagram of a company’s specific fire extinguisher locations may be integrated with the fire prevention course. Our content’s dynamic characteristics ensure that student training is always relevant and specific to their needs.


Tests may have anywhere from 5 to 20 questions, depending on the subject at hand. Unlike course training, tests may not be paused or restarted. This way, students won’t be able to retrieve information during a test to skew the results of their projected competencies. As well, test banks are continually scrambled so that a student will never have the same exact questions in the same order twice.

Know students results immediately. Our system grades tests immediately upon completion and gives the score to the student and administrator. Students will always know when and why they answer a question incorrectly. A helpful explanation is always provided as to why a student missed a question.

If a student fails a test, he or she can immediately go back and re-take it. Administrative functions will always let administrators know how many times a student has taken a test.

When students pass a test, a printable certificate is given which may be used for evaluative purposes. The certificate has the student’s name, course name, and completion date.