"I wish to express my support for Environmental & Safety Support Group (E&SSG). I believe their services go beyond testing. They combine efficiency and accuracy in providing state-of-the-art programs. We have found that E&SSG has very professional technicians who focus on our needs – minimizing off the job time for employees. Their new equipment provides a better testing environment that ensures accurate results. Their competitive pricing provides a welcome change to this industry"--Ken Powell, Safety Manager (Dayton Tire)

“Allis-Chalmers Energy, Inc. has been using the Safety U training database for over 2 years now. It is a great Computer Based Program that has made it easier for us to get OSHA required topics directly to our front line employees. The database itself has made it easier for our supervisors to manage and keep track of the status of each employee. I would recommend Safety U to any Manager that is looking for a training system that gives the employee the information he / she needs to work safe everyday.”--Jason Wade (Allis Chalmers Energy Inc.)