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2011 Regulatory Reminder's


Welcome to your Regulatory Reminder!

Regulatory Reminder is a FREE once-a-month reminder of upcoming EPA and OSHA deadlines and requirements for general industry. These reminders are designed to help guide you through the maze of EPA and OSHA regulations. The reminders are designed to:

  • Help remind you of upcoming statutory deadlines
  • Help you to determine if your facility is required to comply with the regulations
  • Provide tools to help you get or stay in compliance
  • Provide you a monthly manageable plan to help get or keep you in compliance with the EPA and OSHA EssentialsTM

Remind you of upcoming deadlines

All regulations have or had an initial deadline for companies and facilities to execute. However, only a few have annual or other deadline(s). Also, each state may have its own deadlines. These “Regulatory Reminders” are designed to alert you to federally mandated deadlines and help you determine if your state has any deadlines for facilities to comply.

Determine if the regulation affects you

We help to provide you the easiest way possible for you to determine whether a particular regulation affects you. Each reminder will give you a brief explanation of who is required to be in compliance with that regulation as well as links to government fact sheets and web pages to assist you to determine your requirement.

Provide tools to get or keep you in compliance

Many times we provide you with free tools or training from either our recourses or government provided recourses that are available. We also provide you options to cost affective solutions for you to purchase if you don’t have the time, personnel or expertise to tackle a particular task.

Monthly manageable plan

We realize that juggling EPA and OSHA compliance along with your many other tasks can be challenging. That’s why we provide you with a compliance focus each month. If you follow our monthly plan, you will have the EPA and OSHA EssentialsTM in place and up-to-date by the end of each year. So if you are starting at square one, filling in the gaps or just maintaining your compliance programs, the Regulatory Reminder Monthly Focus can be a helpful plan for you. Any way you use it, the end result will be a decreased environmental/safety exposure and liabilities for you and a safer workplace for your employees.

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Disclaimer: These Regulatory Reminders are not intended to be an exhaustive source for all of your particular facility’s compliance issues. They are designed to address the basics requirements with which most companies are required to comply. Following the Regulatory Reminder’s deadlines and Monthly Focus will not guarantee your compliance as these reminders are simply designed to help in your environmental/safety compliance efforts. You should always refer to the federal and your state’s regulations for all your requirements. Ultimately, your compliance with federal and state regulations is your responsibility. E&SSG assumes no liability for your compliance or the resources provided in these “Reminders”.


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