Compliance Alerts – are FREE periodic alerts covering EPA and OSHA new/proposed regulations, news and fines pertinent to your industry. These alerts are sent to you via E-mail and are based on pertinent information regarding your industry. We use your facilities Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and geographic location to sort out those subscribers that would benefit from being “in the know” on particular fines and news related to your industry or in your area. These alerts can give you important information and a heads up on the regulations and focus that EPA and OSHA may be targeting and if your company might be next. Since these alerts are only sent to you when we learn of issues in your industry and/or geographic location, the frequency of these alerts will vary.

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Regulatory Reminder – is a FREE once a month reminder of upcoming EPA and OSHA deadlines/requirements for general industry. These reminders direct you to ways that you can determine if your facility is required to comply with the regulations as well as give you the tools to get or stay in compliance.

Each Regulatory Reminder will also include a couple of the EPA and OSHA essentials to focus on that month. Along with any looming statutory deadlines, we provide you with a yearly plan to get your facility into or stay in compliance with the EPA and OSHA essentials that may not have an annual deadline but should be completed on an annual or periodic basis. Whether you need a plan or you already have one, these reminders give you information and guidance on how to get it all done. The end result is decreased environmental/safety exposure and liabilities for you and your company as well as a safer workplace for your employees.

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NOTE: The Compliance Alerts and Regulatory Reminders are not intended to be an exhaustive source for all your particular facilities compliance issues. They are simply designed to help in your environmental and safety efforts. You should always refer to the federal and your state regulations for all your requirements.