Internet changes society and EH&S Training


What's all the fuss about the internet and training really about?
Over the past couple of decades, the internet has become increasingly personal and relevant. What was once novel has become not only commonplace, but necessary for everyone. Electronic communication pervades every facet of life from education to entertainment. The internet is in classrooms, libraries, businesses, and even living rooms. Given the speed of its spread into any given arena of daily life, its not a question of IF it will be integral for your business, but WHEN.
Who uses the internet?
Now more than ever, because of the popularity of the internet, being "online" implies connection not only to vast stores of information, but connection to a community of like-minded individuals, as well. Long gone are the days when only software professionals knew or cared about how to use the internet. Instead, the internet has become easy for absolutely everyone to use. The right online community is full of people who care about what you care about. The right online community knows what you know, wants what you want, and shares what you need. SafetyU wants you to serve you as part of its training community.
It's fast.
The internet is now the most efficient and convenient way to store and retrieve pertinent information. Why else would it be so popular with everyone? Any bit of information can be organized and retrieved at the speed of thought. And best of all, the internet is never closed. It's available at any second of any day. Information is no longer bound to long-forgotten files in desk drawers only accessible between the hours of 9 and 5. Instead, even the most obscure information is never lost or forgotten. In today's age, why would anyone feel the need to make use of endless piles of paper records? Since all records, tests, contact information, questions and answers can be stored and found at the touch of a button, why would anyone not make use of such efficiency?
So why not join our SafetyU training community? Share with us your questions and concerns. Let us join your endeavors to become more relevant, more efficient, more of whatever it is you want to become.