After a simple and streamlined enrollment process, students can login instantly and begin training. Specific courses that administrators deem relevant for any particular student are automatically set up and immediately ready to go. For administrators, student enrollment setup is as easy as choosing a consistent and easy-to-remember username and password format for all students. For instance, a good username might be the first initial and last name of each student. A good password might be employee identification numbers. It’s up to you.

And you don’t have to call SafetyU every time a new student needs to enroll. Administrators are free to populate a few fields and thereby, simply add any employee into the system for immediate training to begin at any time, 24/7.


Cut out the clutter. Administrators can categorize training sessions by relevance to departments. This way, students will only take training that is especially specific to their particular organization. For instance, administrators might want to discriminate training between different organizations or groups in terms of Maintenance, Management, and Press Line departments. Students in the Management department could take an office ergonomics course but not a lockout tagout class. Lockout tagout training could be delineated for the Maintenance department only. This ensures that only relevant content is provided to all students, dependent on what the administrator deems necessary for specific organizational needs.


Any company can be up and running with our online training system in as little as fourteen days after an agreement.

Location and software are never a problem. Any student and administrator can login to take training via any computer connection in the world. No installations or software are needed for training to begin. A dial-up or broadband internet connection is the only system requirement.

Getting started has never been so easy. After enrollment, a student can start training within five clicks of a mouse! 

It won’t take long for students to become familiar and comfortable with online training. Computer competency is almost never an issue. Because our formats are consistent and employ template-based, parallel construction, complete with simple instructions, no student is ever confronted with new or puzzling interfaces.