Chemical Screening & Reporting Services


What the regs require
More than 90 percent of all Environmental, Safety and now Homeland Security requirements are concerned with the chemicals that you use, store, process and ship within your facility. Most EPA, OSHA and DHS regulations require you to report, permit and/or train on; the storage, usage, handling, releases, processes, spills and exposures related to your chemical inventory. Thousands of chemicals are listed in the EPA, OSHA and DHS regulatory lists alone. These lists are changing all the time as well as your chemical inventory making it a continual challenge to keep up. Failure to comply with some of these requirements can result in fines from $10,000-$75,000/day/occurrence. 

Our View:  E&SSG has provided chemical screening services that have helped our clients cut through the regulatory red tape of regulated chemicals since 1993.

E&SSG has developed many systems to effectively track your chemical inventory and provide you "Peace of Mind" about your chemical requirements.

E&SSG Screening Services, Choose one

Tier II

Screen and report for your Tier II chemicals only

All SARA Title III

Screen for all your SARA Title III Chemicals (including Tier II)

Departement of Homeland Security (DHS)

Screen for all your Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Anti-Terrorism Standard Chemicals - NEW in 2008


Screen for all the above.

Total Chemical Analysis

Screen for all the above PLUS much more.
Complimentary Service

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