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What EPA Requires
EPA requires “basically” that the following companies obtain an air permit:
  •  Major Source- actual or potential emissions that meet or exceed the major source threshold for their location or for any “air pollutant” of 100 tons/year (lower thresholds apply in non-attainment areas) or “hazardous air pollutants” (HAP) of 10 tons/year for a single HAP or 25 tons/year for any combination of HAP.
  • Any Source with a Major Source Permit under PSD or NSR
  • “Affected Sources” under Acid Rain Rules -- Regardless of Size
  • Solid Waste Incineration Units under Section 129 -- Regardless of Size
o Municipal waste combustors (large and small)
o Hospital/medical/infectious waste incinerators
o Commercial and industrial solid waste incinerators
o Other solid waste incinerators
  • Non-major Sources subject to NESHAP (MACT or GACT) Standards

o Hazardous waste combusters
o Portland cement manufacturers
o Mercury cell chlor-alkali plants
o Secondary lead smelters
o Carbon black production
o Chemical manufacturing: chromium compounds
o Primary copper smelting
o Secondary copper smelting
o Nonferrous metals area sources: zinc, cadmium, & beryllium
o Glass Manufacturing
o Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Steelmaking Facilities
  • Non-major Sources subject to MACT & NSPS Standards

                 o Municipal solid waste landfills (design capacity = 2.5 million mega-grams and 2.5 million m3)
o Any Source in a Source Category Designated by EPA

Note: Do not rely on this information for determining if your facility is required to obtain an air permit. Instead rely on the applicable regulations as published in 40 Code of Federal Regulations (see Laws and Regulations) or Contact us.

Our View:  We provide cost effective and painless way to write and subsequently manage your Title V permits.

What We Offer
Air Permit Writing
By carefully evaluating your chemical and raw material usage along with the industrial processes employed at your site, we are able to develop a comprehensive emissions estimates for your site. Here is how we do it:”

  1. Streamlined systematic process
  2. We provide detailed explanation of the calculations so you understand how the emissions are calculated for each of your title v permits.
  3. Our staff will be present at all inspections and audits
  4. We set up your recordkeeping system so you can maintain compliance with the permit
  5. We are available to assist you with annual reports and/or compliance certifications

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